Dylan Leeds

If you were to base your opinion solely on the work of Dylan Leeds, you might imagine his home state of Oregon to be a vibrant, futuristic utopia where cold fusion has been perfected and the clubs stay open 24 hours a day. He's a consummate creator; his work is intelligent, highly polished, and undeniably fun.



BIT X BIT (61:48)
Dylan Leeds

Elegantly simple melodies accompany elaborate sequencing and sharp-witted beats. Dylan leeds provides an irresistable collection of tracks that weave fluidly in and out of electronic genres, transforming from hopeful futurism to gritty paranoia and back again.

$9.00 (includes shipping)


1. Into The Great Beyond
2. Dub
3. Follow The Maus
4. Overstepping It
5. Methodical
6. Smooth Sailing
7. Postprotoplast
8. Prototype
9. Dreadnought
10. Incognito
11. Closed Palette
12. Dreaming So Deep